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●  Protect yourself against the latest malware attacks.

●  Get security that won't compromise performance



●    Protecting all your connected devices - the one-licence, easy-to-use solution.

●    Delivering security you can 'mix and match' to suit the devices you use.

●    Optimising protection, performance and usability for each device.

●    Providing real-time protection against all new and emerging malware and Internet threats.

●    Securing data on your missing Android device - with premium anti-theft protection.


●    Anti-malware protection for PCs - against computer viruses, worms, Trojan viruses, spyware, rootkits, bots.. and more.

●    Real-time, cloud-assisted protection against new and emerging malware and Internet threats.

●    Safe Money - adds another layer of security for your money when you're online banking or shopping.

●    Web protection - including anti-phishing and anti-spam protection, plus Kaspersky URL Advisor to check for dangerous links.

●    Virtual Keyboard technology lets you use mouse clicks to enter passwords and other sensitive data so it can't be intercepted by keyloggers or identity thieves.

●    Secure Keyboard - prevents keyloggers from accessing data you enter using your PC's physical keyboard.

●    Automatic Exploit Prevention - helps to prevent malware exploiting vulnerabilities in the operating system or applications

●    Trusted Applications Mode - gives you the option of only running applications that have been assessed by Kaspersky and regarded as 'trusted'

●    System Watcher - detects dangerous behaviour on your PC and enables rollback of most types of malicious action.

●    Optimised antivirus databases - help to minimise the impact on PC performance and reduce update times.

●    Protection against screen lockers - defends against Blocker Trojan viruses that may try to hold your system hostage.

●    Advanced Parental Control technologies - help to keep kids safe on the Internet.

●    Optimised for Windows 8.1.



●    Protect yourself against the latest malware attacks.

●    Get security that won't compromise performance.

●    Stop criminals spying on you via your webcam.

●    Prevent theft of your money & financial information.

●    Don't let the 'Identity-Thieves' take control.

●    Ensure your kids can enjoy the Internet.. in safety.

●    Stay safe & manage costs when you're out & about.



●    Delivering Android antivirus protection...and more.

●    Defending you against Internet security threats (PREMIUM version only **).

●    Protecting your data if your Android device is lost or stolen (FREE *).

●    Filtering calls and texts on Android smartphones (FREE *).

●    Protecting your privacy on your smartphone (PREMIUM version only **).

●    Preserving more of your Android device's performance (FREE *).


●    One solution that can protect an Android smartphone or tablet.

●    Android Antivirus Protection.

●    Web Protection (PREMIUM version only **).

●    Anti-Theft Protection (FREE *).

●    Alarm - helps you to find your device.

●    Mugshot - helps to identify unauthorised users.

●    SIM Watch for smartphones - ensures remote access, even if the SIM card is replaced.

●    Secret code - prevents the uninstallation of security software.

●    Call & Text Filter for smartphones (FREE *).

●    Privacy Protection for smartphones (PREMIUM version only **).



●    Award-winning protection against all types of Internet threats.

●    Secure online banking and shopping - with Kaspersky's unique Safe Money technology.

●    Real-time, proactive and cloud technologies detect new, emerging and unknown threats.

●    Protects your digital identity and your privacy.

●    Scheduled backup protects your photos, music and financial data.

●    Encrypted vaults securely store your valuable files.

●    PC Cleanup tools help to keep your PC running smoothly.

●    Hassle-free protection that helps to preserve your PC's performance.

●    Easy, centralised security management of multiple PC's.. from a single PC.

●    Award-winning parental controls keep your children safe online.


●    New! Safe Money - adds more protection for financial transactions

●    New! Secure Keyboard & improved Virtual Keyboard - help protect your identity

●    New! Automatic Exploit Prevention - defends against the exploitation of vulnerabilities

●    New! Password Manager* now includes Password Sync

●    New! Online backup - makes data backup even more convenient

●    Secure vaults - protect your most precious data

●    PC Cleanup tools - add security and help you preserve PC performance

●    Home Network Control - simplifies management tasks across multiple PCs

●    Parental Control - helps to keep your children safe online