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Education in India is, undoubtedly, one of the imperatives for the country and the investment made over the years has contributed hugely in propelling India's growth in the knowledge economy.

With us moving in that direction, so would our traditional teaching and learning methods. Future academias could have traditional PHYSICALLY PRESENT students as well as ONLINE ONLY students and soon contributing to Teaching and learning becoming social.

Education customers have made it clear that they are excited about the potential for enterprise social in the classroom. To meet this need, Microsoft has launched Edu-Cloud beginning APRIL 2015. Customers can enroll for Edu-Cloud on purchase of CLoud Campus which is an integrated offering with Windows Upgrade, Windows CAL, Office 365, Yammer Enterprise and Windows Intune and to top it up Microsoft is providing Office 365 Pro Plus at no additional cost for students, once the institute signs up for Edu-Cloud.

Technology can often be a barrier to teaching and learning and therefore, Microsoft is uniquely positioned to help academia's take advantage of the opportunities that social computing offers, thereby removing the gap between the current market and the institutions.

Benefits Overview:

Edu-Cloud is divided into 3 levels of participation: Edu-Cloud K-12, Edu-Cloud Standard, and Edu-Cloud Premium with the relevant benefits against each.

  Benefits of Enrollment Edu-Cloud K12 for schools Edu-Cloud Standard for Higher Education Edu-Cloud Premium for Higher Education
Pre Requisites Cloud Campus Agreement with Microsoft. ( WIN SA for ENT / WINDOWS INTUNE / OFFICE 365 E3 / WINDOWS SERVER CAL / OFFICE 365 PRO PLUS for Students)
Academic Alliance Framed Certificate of Alliance K12 enrolment Certificate Silver Level Certificate  Premium Level Certificate
Listing on Microsoft program website Yes (K12 level listing) Yes (Standard level listing)   Yes (Premium level listing)
Institutional Benefit Press Release / Press Coverage NA NA For exceptional outcomes (Refer to Annexure)
Learning management Solution (Mobiliya) Yes Yes Yes
Online Curriculum Kit with Adoption Assistance document NA Yes Yes
Lab Microsoft Cloud Competency Center NA NA Yes
Student Benefit Student Microsoft Virtual Academy Yes Yes Yes
O365 ProPlus for students Yes Yes Yes
Webinar on latest Microsoft Technologies NA NA Yes
Other Faculty Technology Training / Technology enablement workshop 1 Faculty invited 1 Faculty invited 2 Faculties invited
Special invite for events NA Yes NA