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Q. What is Campus Automation Solution?

Campus Automation is an innovative Campus Management Software Solution that helps education institutions to streamline a variety of both common and complex processes involved in the successful operation and transaction of various entities like Students, Faculties, Alumni, Departments like Finance & Accounts, Budgeting, HR, Payroll, Examination, Transport, etc. It is a suite of integrated applications or modules that an institution/organization can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data for many business activities like:

  • Student's Online Counselling & Admission
  • Accounts, Budgeting & Finance
  • Student and Academics Management
  • Human Resource & Payroll Management
  • Store, Purchase & Inventory Management
  • Paperless office and Library Management
  • Health, Hostel & Transport Management
  • Examination, OAS, RTI, Legal Cell, Website

Q. What is the name of your campus automation solution?

The name of our solution is LITEROM.

Q. How can an institution benefit from your solution LITEROM ?

Our solution is exclusively developed and designed for the education industry. We can:

  • Automate admissions-Eliminate manual processes and save significant staff time by enabling prospective students to apply online through a self-service portal.
  • Provide one-stop student access-likewise, students can enroll, register, and pay for courses through the portal.
  • Simplify records management-with a single system for all your data needs-and a single digital record for each student-any department on campus can find the student information they need.
  • Engage faculty-Enable faculty to enter and update grades, and have personalized access to timely, accurate, and institution-wide information.
  • Manage resources-Manage personnel, funds and processes more transparently.
  • Strengthen decision-making-Track the metrics you need to guide day-to-day operations, meet reporting requirements, and engage your organization.
  • Manage your budget and finance - track and analyze all your financials through one single portal.

Q. What is the cost of your solution?

Well our solution's cost is comparatively very economical. Please fill up the enquiry form so that we may discuss the techno-commercial details Click here

Q. What is the technology used in your solution?

We use an open source technology to develop and maintain the application, and hence the price of purchase and maintenance is very low. We use LAMP (CentOS - Server OS, Apache - Web Server, MySql - Database and CakePHP - Framework Language) Technology.

Q. Is LITEROM Secure?

LITEROM is very secure, we have developed the solution on MVC (Model View Controller) architecture and have used strong encryption methodologies on code and database level. Also, since the solution is roles and rights based, hence, it becomes secure at the user level too. The solution also has audit trails where an administrator can track each action performed by an user.

Q. Can we take backup of our data?

Yes, your data in your hands, whenever you need it. We provide you with lot of utility tools including backup and patch update utility that comes bundled with the solution. You can take backup (automatic and manual), set your own timings for auto-backup, install patches, track logs and view info of your server.

Q. We have huge legacy data, how will you enter all records?

We can enter records by two ways:

  1. If the legacy data is in an electronic format (like Excel) we will upload it for you.
  2. If it is in some kind of database application (MySQL , Oracle, MSSQL), in that case you may need to contact your old vendor and ask them to import it and we will do the rest. However, if your old vendor does not cooperate we will still help you out.

Q. We have the data in manual entries, books and registers, will you be able to do it?

Yes why not. In this case, a data entry operator would be aligned on site who would enter the data for you.

Q. Do we need to purchase any additional hardware for using your solution?

Well, it depends on the type of installation you have opted for. We offer both offline and online versions of our solution.

Offline Solution (Over the LAN/Campus) - You need to purchase a server and the workstation/client machines to work on the solution.

Online Solution (Over the WAN/Cloud) - You do not need to purchase any Server hardware to install and maintain the solution. Only client machines/workstation will be required along with internet connection to access the solution from the cloud. It saves lot of your time and money.

Q. Does LITEROM allow integration of third party applications like Tally or our existing software?

Yes we do integrate many on-demand third party applications on a case to case basis.

Q. Do you offer hardware integration?

Yes, we integrate lot of hardwares like RFIDs, SMART Cards, WEBCAMs, BIOMETRIC, BARCODE Readers, Scanners, Printers and many more.

Q. Can we see a demonstration of your solution?

Yes surely you can. Demonstration can be done in two ways:

  1. Onsite
  2. Offsite through remote view

Please fill up your contact information, requirements and demo preference and our team will get back to you.Click here to register for a demo.

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